A tortilla inspired by Persian cooking, Greek flavours and organic seasonal Welsh vegetable.

Source: Carrot & spinach KuKu – A seasonal Frittata

New website…


… well, the old blog moved onto our proper web address! We’ll be updating blaencamelbox.com from now on, so please check there for updates. As we’re doing some technical website stuff this week, if you find that your emails haven’t been answered within 24 hours or get bounced back to you – please try our back-up email address: blaencamelbox@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks!

Autumn News


Passata Experiments

After months of testing recipes, we’re producing Blaencamel’s first batch of Organic Passata this week. Using the facilities at Food Centre Wales in Horeb, we’ll cook the tomatoes with a little salt and then sieve them, making a tomato sauce. No preservatives or additives are added, and the tomatoes will keep in an unopened jar for up to 3 months (probably longer!). As we use cherry tomatoes instead of plum tomatoes, our passata is maybe a little thinner than the traditional Italian sauce, but it has an amazing sweet flavour.

We’ll be including the passata in our veg boxes during the winter. It has so many uses – pasta sauces, soups, curries. You could even make a bloody mary…

Our other big autumn project is a weekly stall at the new Real Food Market in Roath.

Every Saturday from 9.30 – 1, we’ll be at the new market in the Mackintosh Centre, Keppoch St. The first market is on November 3rd – please come along and say hello!

Late Summer


Yellow Toms

We’ve been delivering boxes of veg from Blaencamel Farm to Cardiff for about 2 months

Things are going well – as a pilot scheme, we’ve been encouraged that plenty of people have been excited about buying fresh Welsh vegetables. It’s a coincidence that a few supermarkets have decided to pilot their organic box schemes at the same time as us, but we’re not worried. If you want to know exactly where your vegetables have come from and feel happy that your carrots have travelled less than 100 miles from the field to your plate, then you’ll buy from a scheme like ours.


We’ve also had a stall at farmer’s markets in Cowbridge, Church Village, Llantrisant and Penderyn. We’re hoping to take part in some new markets and food festivals this autumn – more info soon!


Greenhouses & Sunflowers

Something else that’s keeping us busy is developing our own range of preserves. We’ve been taking advantage of the tomato glut by experimenting with different kinds of passata, and have learned the hard way that you shouldn’t put three of our small green chillies into one pan of cherry tomatoes.


Tomato plant

Blaencamel Organic Boxes is a new box scheme bringing seasonal vegetables from West Wales to your home or workplace in Cardiff.